My life 6 Months Post-Graduation

My life 6 Months Post-Graduation

How is life progressing post-graduation? It’s not.


Life is really really really hard right now. I really underestimated just how tough it would be. Finding a job is so hard, I apply for jobs every day and get interview after interview and I’m either not good enough or I’m “overqualified”. My family don’t have any money so just living feels impossible. No food in the fridge, rent, bills, council tax. Nothing is getting paid on time. Luckily they are quite understanding with the rent and bills and give us some time to get the funds but the council tax is probably the worst. Threats to take us to court and all sorts.

A Job?

Life post-graduation sucks. I thought it would be the moment my life took off. All my hard work up till now would pay off and id never have to worry about money again. I was so wrong, I’m worrying about money now more than I have ever done and I’m starting to feel incredibly hopeless. I started off wanting to work in the gaming industry. With 4 years experience content creating online I wanted to be a community manager. I still do, but landing a role proved challenging being continuously told “your experience is amazing but…” or “Hi Dominique your experience is fantastic could we arrange a call to talk about X” and they would never email back or call when they arranged the phone call with me. I decided that maybe it was the universe trying to tell me that maybe it was not for me and that I should try alternative route

A change in direction

My mum kept trying to encourage me to teach but I didn’t see myself ever having the confidence to teach. Not only this but I also need to achieve a C in GCSE maths because I never got it in school. I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it, it was something to work towards and I’m sure my confidence would grow with some experience in the classroom. I contacted local colleges that did maths lessons for adults for free to achieve the C they need. None of them had spaces, contacted me back or seemed to have any information. This was the first step in my plan and it was already going wrong.

*sigh* I’m still trying to sort my life out and get myself on some kind of career trajectory. I just had my birthday a few days ago and that was nice. My laptop also just broke so there’s that. Typing this blog post from my phone, Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls I guess!


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